Extended Season 2020 – on-line

Extended Season 2020

Alderman’s Hat  EAR TUNE WEEK 8   VIDEO The Alderman’s Hat   Ideas for the tune    How to develop ideas   

Billy Sullivan’s  REVISITED — VIDEO – Bowing

Bodavalsen  REVISITED — VIDEO Bodavalen

Booth Shot Lincoln  REVISITED — Try out the new trick (see Hunting the Buffalo)  of cross tuning AEAE on this familiar tune. TUNE GENTLY, now is not a time to break strings.  Your instruments can definitely handle it, but just go gentle  —  VIDEO Cross tuned   Or just have some fun with Booth Shot Lincoln by adding lots of shuffles! (No cross tuning necessary!) —  Shuffles   And here is Davor playing Booth Shot Lincoln on mandolin–fun to play along!

Carpathian Tune  REVISITED – VIDEO The Carpathian Tune

The Carraroe  REVISITED — VIDEO The Carraroe bowing

Don Tremain’s Reel   EAR TUNE WEEK #9. Don Tremaine’s Reel with Harmony    VIDEO Don Tremain’s Reel     3-1 Bowing on Don Remain’s   Harmony  

East Tennessee Blues  EAR TUNE WEEK #4 —  VIDEO East Tennessee Blues    More ideas    Guitar back up  

Flickorna Svensson   REVISITED — VIDEO Flickorna Svensson

Flowers Of Spring  EAR TUNE WEEK #5 —  VIDEO Flowers of Spring   Thoughts on bowing

Galtee Ranger  EAR TUNE WEEK #3 —  VIDEO Galtee Ranger  The Galtee Ranger lends itself to lots of rolls and cuts.  I’ve broken this into two videos, the first on adding the left hand ornament known as a roll  and the second focusing on the right hand ornament known as a bowed triplet or a cut.  

Green Willis (The Raw Recruit)   REVISITED   VIDEO 3-1 bowing

Hunting The Buffalo   EAR TUNE WEEK #1  —  VIDEO Hunting the Buffalo  Now try out the ear tune cross tuned in AEAE. TUNE GENTLY, now is not a time to break strings. Your instruments can definitely handle it, but just go gentle  —–  Learning to cross tune   

Lady Anne Montgomery  REVISITED  — VIDEO Lady Anne Montgomery – mssing about

Marie Sauce ton Pain  EAR TUNE WEEK #2VIDEO Marie Sauce ton Pain  AND  On guitar  

Off  She Goes – with a harmony  REVISITED — VIDEO Off She Goes harmonies  Explore some harmony ideas for this tune from Spring 2020

The Orphan   REVISITED — VIDEO The Orphan with lots of rolls and a few slides

Peeler Creek   EAR TUNE WEEK #7 —  VIDEO Peeler Creek   Drones and harmonies  

Polska from Mora  REVISITED — VIDEO Polska from Mora

Saint-Jean   REVISITED — VIDEO Reel St. Jean with lots of cuts

Tillsammans (Swedish for together)   EAR TUNE WEEK #6 —  VIDEO Tillsammans  

Wind That Shakes the Barley  REVISITED — VIDEO Getting more groove in your bowing (ignore what I say, focus on what I’m doing)

Summer Season sneak preview–medleys!

Flowers of Spring, Off She Goes, and The Cat in the Corner

Things to do with tunes

QUEBECOIS TUNES  — Marie Sauce ton Pain,  Glise ‘a Sherbrooke,  L’Oiseau Bleu —  Adding a bounce to your bow and adding some extra arpeggiated notes

VIDEO Jigging a Reel and Reeling a Jig

3-1 bowing on Our Run and Tracy’s Turn VIDEO

Annika’s Exercises, Tips and Scales

DOODLING on your instrument- a very useful and beneficial component of practice In this video I look briefly at the 4 important components of practice and then delve into that 4th one (which is the most neglected) of “make something up” I look at 3 ways to do this: gentle doodles, re-writting endings, and exploring arpeggios over chord sequences. Backing track for that 1 4 1 5 chord sequence from the DOODLING video in 3 keys for you to doodle around on

Scale and arpeggio exercise

Scale and arpeggio bonus exercise

Cross-bowing scale pattern

Skipping scale

Tips for Bowing on 2 Strings

Intro to Chopping  And then by request, I took on the topic of chopping… as I mention in the video, there are so many other great resources out there for this, so if chopping intrigues you, check out some other tutorials too!

Tips for shoulder, back, neck, hand pain  so here are just a few thoughts and tips on avoiding that or dealing with it if it’s already set in

Discussion — bringing tunes to life in different styles

Shuffle exercise

Recording yourself and WHY

Ergonomics of bowing–what are your muscles doing?

A message from Morgan and Annika — Record Yourself