Rehearsal Recordings

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Arrangements of our tunes for the concert, as of March 9


March 19 – Videos from Annika

Cat in the Corner – the tune

Cat in the Corner – bowing and ornaments

Cat in the Corner – harmony

March 12 – Videos from Annika

Royal Review – the tune

Royal Review – harmony ideas

Royal Review – drones

March 5 – Rehearsal #6

Lady Anne Montgomery with Duke of Earl bass line

February 20 – Rehearsal #4

Working on Breton Schottische

Slowly on Water Bound

February 13 – Rehearsal #3

Slowly learning La Gracieuse

Working on Grub Springs

January 30 – Rehearsal #1

Rogue’s March – slowly

Are Ye Sleepin’ Maggie Annika A Part B Part Simple chord notes Us slowly

Lady Anne Montgomery Annika plays, we hang onto the D  slowly

Carraroe Annika A Part B Part

Captain Henry O’Kain – THE STORY

Lonesome Fiddle Blues simplified  slowly with one-note chords Annika and Becky H !!!