Season two – Spring 2018

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Annika’s tips – Listen for open strings

Astley’s Ride – working on harmony Astley’s Ride into Going Down to Cairo – Annika plays the transition Astley’s Ride – harmony ideas from Annika Astley’s – plucking the B part – notes fiddles should include 

Breton Schottische 1 in D Major – working through it 

Chinquapin – working our way through it 

Dancing Bear a little slower Dancing Bear – some things to do with it

Duck Duck Go – adding that second string, and other harmony ideas (Annika) Duck Duck Go – Accompaniments (David) 

Fireman’s Reel – Crossbowing (Annika) Fireman’s Reel – working our way through it (Annika) Fireman’s Reel – Style tip (Annika) Fireman’s Reel – getting better (Annika) Fireman’s Reel Accompaniments (David) 

L’Oiseau Bleu the A part L’Oiseau Bleu David and Annika play harmony L’Oiseau Bleu arpeggio harmony sample L’Oiseau Bleu Annika plays a suggested B part harmony L’Oiseau Bleu the orchestra tries some harmonies

The Orphan – working on it The Orphan – Annika’s tips for Jig Rhythm – Y-jig-er-Y-jig-er-Y

The Raw Recruit as Becky’s piano gets going 

Squirrel Hunter – working on bowing

Squirrel Hunter — Annika’s Style Tip 

Walk Old Shoe A part Walk Old Shoe on two strings


Astley’s Ride into Going Down to Cairo – Annika plays the transition

Orphan to Dancing Bear transition

Quail to Squirrel Medley

Kamas with Annika's harmony lesson
Kamas with Annika’s harmony lesson chart – Fireman’s Reel