Spring 2019

The Orchestra working on tunes

Scale Exercises

Sheet music for the G major scale exercise

Us working on the A major scale exercise


Sheet music transcriptions by FOWM members

fair jenny’s jig harmony – transcription by Al

richards jig simplified – transcription by Ben


February 14 – fifth rehearsal

Tracy’s Turn – the A part

Tracy’s Turn – the B part

January 31 – third rehearsal

Richard’s Jig – our first time through

Three October Days – Ben plays his simplified version

Three October Days – the orchestra playing it slowly

Village Polka, out first time through

January 24 – second rehearsal

Our Run – working on the A part

Our Run – working on the B part

Fair Jenny’s Jig – suggested simple accompaniment for A part

Fair Jenny’s Jig – David and Annika demonstrate accompaniment

January 17 — first rehearsal

A Recent Fall–working on the A part

A Recent Fall–working on the B part

A Recent Fall–our first time through the whole thing

Accompaniment for Jaybird