Summer session 2020 videos

FOWM’s summer season is a time for review 

This summer Annika Amstutz leads us with her informative YouTube videos as we work on tune arrangements from our expansive inventory of FOWM tunes. And we will have opportunities to Play Together Outdoors socially distanced, as weather allows.

A NOTE FROM ANNIKA—-I am trying to pull tunes from our 3 years of Fiddle Orchestra Repertoire (it’s a lot of tunes!) so some folks may not know some of these tunes.  As a reminder, audio files and pdf sheet music can be found for all of the tunes on the Fiddle Orchestra website.  Consider this a great chance to learn a new tune or work on your back up / improv skills!  I’ve told you what key the tune is in… see if you can figure out your 1, 4, and 5 chords and drone along.  Check out the chords online and find some nice notes to play.  Test your ears out and see what chunks of the tunes you can gobble up.    You’ve got options, so no excuses friends!


This week’s medley features 4 tunes, 3 key changes, and some fun energy too!
Seneca Square Dance – G
Coleman’s March – D
Grub Springs – A
Booth Shot Lincoln – A

A walk through the transitions
The medley


This week I grabbed 4 jigs…

Da Brig – D
Richard’s Jig – D
Hen’s Feet and Carrots – G
Off She Goes – D


Down the Brae – Em
Paddy on the Railroad – D
Paddy’s Trip to Scotland – D
Fireman’s Reel – A


By request: A Quebecois Medley!
Glise a Sherbrooke – G
Marie Sauce ton Pain – G
Reel St Jean – D


This week is the Celestial Set- two jigs with the word “star” in the title….
Moon and Seven Stars – D
Starry Night for a Ramble – D
This medley leaves us set up to throw a third tune in as Starry Night ends with a bit of a cliff hanger, so perhaps some of you will try out a few options of other tunes to explore! If you find something you like, pass it along, I’d love to give it a try!