Fiddle Orchestra of Western Mass

Located in downtown Northampton

Our Values and Goals

photo of happy FOWM members at a reearsal
March 1 rehearsal

The Fiddle Orchestra of Western Massachusetts is an amateur orchestra made up mostly of fiddle players but also players of other instruments.

The Orchestra is:

  • Not for profit
  • Professionally facilitated and conducted
  • Focused on learning
  • Focused on achieving a cohesive sound and cohesive spirit

The Orchestra members:

  • Strive to play without sheet music at our concerts with the caveat that “by ear” is not suitable for everyone for a variety of reasons
  • Respect and help cultivate the FOWM culture consisting of:
    • Inclusiveness – We welcome, respect, and show kindness and friendliness to anyone who joins FOWM regardless of their musical skill and background, gender, sexual orientation, age, race or ethnicity, culture, geographic location, etc.
    • Supportiveness – We help each other grow musically by playing together and through respectful, positive, open conversation and problem solving.  All of us, from beginners to professional musicians, are learners. 
    • Open-mindedness – We are open to playing and trying different kinds of music and participating in different orchestral roles as presented to us by our Director. 
    • Sharing – We welcome appropriate ways to share with the community, such as by putting on an end-of-season concert, playing at community events, and allowing visitors to observe our practice sessions.

Join FOWM! We can’t wait to play with you!