FOWM’s Free Winter Season!

Thursdays 6:45 – 8:30 on ZOOM, January 14 to April 1, 2021 

registration required — CLICK TO SIGN UP!

The weekly format includes a guest workshop leader to teach a tune, and time for us to share our tunes — share something from the FOWM repertoire or something you’re working on. Annika will drop in for visits to say ‘hi’, play jams and teach tunes! Annika might show up on a Thursday, or it might be another day of the week – We’ll muster when we get the call!

A note from Annika about the new season…..

We have learned so many tunes the past few months (and years) and now is a great chance to dust off some old favorites and review some tunes from our repertoire — and for new members to learn our tunes!  Annika is requesting your suggestions of tunes you’d like to work on during her Zoom workshops.  Her intent is to let you know the review tunes a few days in advance of each week so you can spend a bit of time with them on your own.  During each Zoom we will review a tune or two (or three!) by playing it slowly together, and then Annika will answer any questions you have about the tune.  She will offer pointers on ways to get through tricky sections and also tricks for ornamentations or bowings that can enhance the tunes, and then offer a chance for us to all play it along with her again and try to integrate new ideas.  Please use the google form (click) to send in some tune suggestions or requests to help Annika plan these review sessions! 

Here’s a link to our Fall 2020 season