Working on Harmonies

Learning how to find harmonies, back-ups and bowings…..

Fiddler’s Dream – Bowing Fiddler’s Dream – Harmonizing

Giggling Girl – one-string harmony on the G string –

Giggling Girl – SHEET MUSIC ATTACHED HERE for the harmony David taught above, written out one octave higher, by one of our members

Highland Laddie – Annika working with a small group on finding harmonies

Hens Feet and Carrots – David working with the orchestra, finding harmonies

Old Joe Clark – David working with the orchestra on double stops

Old Joe Clark – IDavid working with the orchestra on harmonies

Quail is a Pretty Bird – the orchestra plays this new tune for ten minutes as it sinks in

Quail is a Pretty Bird – David and Annika play the tune with a simple harmony Quail is a Pretty Bird – Bowings – Annika discusses and demonstrates cross bowings

Reel St. Antoine – Annika Two recordings of David working on bowings for Reel St. Antione

Speed the Plow – developing double stop harmony on the G and D strings – first the orchestra, then Annika and David

Swallowtail Jig – Annika works with a small group on a simple harmony

Annika & Daniel 45 KB
Annika with guest musician Daniel Plane at our first season’s Rehearsal # 4