Spring 2020 Season

Spring 2020 Tunes

Are Ye Sleepin Maggie?

Bill Sullivan’s

Captain Henry O’Kain

The Carraroe Jig

The Cat In The Corner  –  VIDEOS:  the tune  /  bowing and ornaments  /  harmony 

The Earl Of Mansfield

Kerry Polka –  VIDEO:  the tune 

Lady Anne Montgomery –  VIDEOS:  B part crossbowing  /  Guitar melody  

Lady on the Boat –  VIDEOS:  the tune  /  bowing and ornaments  

La Gracieuse

Lonesome Fiddle Blues 

Moon and Seven Stars

Off She Goes –  VIDEOS:  the tune  /  spicing it up  /  jig bowing

Poppy Leaf Hornpipe –  VIDEO:  the tune 

Rogue’s March (jig)

Royal Review –  VIDEOS:  the tune  /  harmony ideas  /  drones

Starry Night for a Ramble

La Toque Bleu –  VIDEOS:  the tune  /  key of F orientation  /  additional notes 

Waterbound –  VIDEO:  bowing and drones 


Annika’s Videos — Ideas for Familiar Tunes

Coleman’s March – the tune and some ideas

Fireman’s Reel – Crossbowing

Highland Laddie – tune, ornamentation, drones

Paddy’s Trip to Scotland – Bowing – guitar flat-picking

Annika’s Videos – Exercises, Tips and Scales

Scale and arpeggio exercise

Scale and arpeggio bonus exercise

Cross-bowing scale pattern

Skipping scale

Tips for Bowing on 2 Strings