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*** Below Are All the Tunes from S-Z***

Scattery Island 




Speed the Plow  /  Speed the Plow with additional part

Spiderweb Canyon with additional part 

The Squirrel Hunters

Stamey Creek / Stamey Creek with additional part – a David Kaynor tune Stamey Creek our first time through

Stan Chapmans Jig 

Starry Night for a Ramble

Staten Island

Steamboat Quickstep

Swallowtail Jig

Telephone Tune 

Thomas Shrug March

Three October Days / Three October Days with additional part – a David Kaynor tune

Tillsammans (Swedish for together)

Tombigbee Waltz

Tracy’s Turn – a David Kaynor tune and a fast version

La Toque Bleu

Union Street Session

Valse Beaulieu

The Village Polka 

The Volunteer

Walk Old Shoe Heel Come A-Draggin


White Cockerel 

White Rose 


The Wind That Shakes the Barley

Winder Slide