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*** Below Are All the Tunes from A-D***

Adieu les Filles de Mon Pays (Goodbye, the Girls of My County) 

Angeline the Baker

Another Fall, a David Kaynor tune recording of Another Fall the B Part ALMOST as written 

Are Ye Sleepin Maggie?

Astley’s Ride and Astley’s Ride more slowly

Barrowburn Reel

Batchelder’s Reel 

Behind the Haystack

Bellman’s Jig 

Bert Ferguson  Bert Ferguson simplified version

Bill Sullivan’s

Black River

Bluegrass Stomp and learning it slowly

Blue Jig

Bodavalsen (Harmonized Low) / Bodavalsen (4-Voice)

Boll Weevil

Bony Crossing the Alps

Booth Shot Lincoln  Booth Shot Lincoln faster with shuffle bowing 

Boys Lament for His Dragon

Breton Schottische in D Major (w/low harmony)With high harmony

Buddy MacMaster’s Fancy

Calum’s Road 

Captain Henry O’Kain

The Carpathian Tune 

The Carraroe

The Cat In The Corner

Cat on a Leash /  Cat on a Leash harmonized low)

Cat Out of the Bag 

Chestnut Shuffle

Chinquapin Hunting Chinquapin slowly us

Cold Frosty Morning

Coleman’s March / Coleman’s March with variations and low harmony

Come Dance and Sing

Corie (Harmonized Low)

Crested Hens

Da Auld Restin’ Chair 

Da Brig  Our first time through Da Brig 

Dancing Bear and Dancing Bear more slowly 

Donegal Lasses

Dm Polska from Mora

Devil in the Strawstack

Down the Brae  

Dry and Dusty

Duck Duck Go By Rachel Bell