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*** Below Are All the Tunes from M-R ***

Marie Sauce ton Pain

Mairi’s Wedding

Miss Cindy’s Waltz (Katie Pressley and David Kaynor)  

Montague Processional / Montague Processional with additional parts – a David Kaynor tune

Moon and Seven Stars

Noite de Veran

Off She Goes

Old Joe Clark David and Annika playing Old Joe Clark together

The Orphan 

Our Run – a David Kaynor tune

Paddy on the Railroad 

Paddys Trip to Scotland 

Dm Polska from Mora  David and Annika play the Polska from Mora

Poppy Leaf Hornpipe 

Pressley Manor with additional parts – a David Kaynor tune 

Quail Is a Pretty Bird

Quarry Cross  and faster

Rakes of Mallow

The Raw Recruit the orchestra plays Raw Recruit slowly 

A Recent Fall  A Recent Fall with additional part – a David Kaynor tune


Reel de Joie – Annika’s version

Reel Saint Antoine Reel St. Antoine style tips

Reel Saint Jean 

Richard’s Jig with and without harmonies– a David Kaynor tune / Richard’s Jig simplified by Ben

Rogue’s March (jig)

Royal Review

Roxburgh Castle