Tunes M-R

Marie Sauce ton Pain

Mairi’s Wedding

Miller’s Maggot

Miss Cindy’s Waltz (Katie Pressley and David Kaynor)

Montague Processional / Montague Processional with additional parts – a David Kaynor tune

Moon and Seven Stars

Morning Star Reel

Nancy’s Waltz

Noite de Veran

Norsk Schottische

Off She Goes

Okeefe’s Slide

Old French

Old Joe Clark

David and Annika playing Old Joe Clark together

The Orphan

Our Run – a David Kaynor tune

Paddy on a Handcar

Paddy on the Railroad

Paddys Trip to Scotland

Pays De Haut

Pig Ankle Rag

Polska from Mora

David and Annika play the Polska from Mora:

Poppy Leaf Hornpipe

Pressley Manor with additional parts – a David Kaynor tune

Quail Is a Pretty Bird

Quarry Cross

Quarry Cross faster:

Rakes of Mallow

Rambling Pitchfork

The Raw Recruit

A Recent Fall   A Recent Fall with additional part – a David Kaynor tune

A Recent fall slow, fiddle only:

Red Prairie Dawn

Reel de Joie – Annika’s version

Reel de Valleyfield – Score   Reel de Valleyfield, melody and harmony – Score

Reel du Sauvagine

Reel Saint Antoine

Reel Saint Jean

Richard’s Jig with and without harmonies– a David Kaynor tune / Richard’s Jig simplified by Ben

Road to Boston

Robertson’s Reel

Rogue’s March (jig)

Rolling Waves

Royal Review

Roxburgh Castle