Tunes E-L


Eagle’s Whistle

The Earl Of Mansfield

East Tennessee Blues

Evit Gabriel

Fair Jenny’s Jig

Fiddler’s Dream

Fiddler’s Dream – Annika’s syncopated version 

Finnegans Wake


Orchestra plays Fireman’s Reel slowly

Fireman’s Reel rhythmic accompaniment

Fire On the Mountain

Flickorna Svensson

Flowers Of Spring

Galtee Ranger

Giggling Girl

David and Annika play harmony for Giggling Girl

Simple harmony on the G string for Giggling Girl

Glise ‘a Sherbrooke with additional parts 

Glory in the Meeting House

Going Down to Cairo

Grasshopper Sitting on a Sweet Potato Vine 

Green Cockade

Grub Springs

Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part

Hector the Hero

Hen’s Feet and Carrots

High Clouds, a David Kaynor tune

High Reel

Highland Laddie

David and Annika playing Highland Laddie together

Homeward Bound

Hunting The Buffalo

Huntsman’s Chorus

Ida Red

I’m Not Fed up with the Pacific Ocean

Jaybird Jaybird with additional part

The orchestra playing Jaybird slowly 

Julia Delaney

Julianne Johnson

Jump at the Sun

Kerry Polka

Kitty McGee

Lady Anne Montgomery

Lady on the Boat

Lafferty’s Reel

La Gracieuse

L’Aire Mignonne with additional parts

La Llorona

Långdans Från Sollerön

Le Diable Vert
Le Diable Vert With Slurs
Le Diable Vert with Harmony

L’Oiseau Bleu

Lonesome Fiddle Blues

  • Recordings are made as voice memos on a smart phone–feel free to make your own
  • If you have trouble accessing sheet music or recordings, please let us know