For sheet music, click on the tune names. The tune recordings are below each name. PINK are new tunes for the Fall 2018 season. If you have trouble accessing sheet music or recordings, please let us know.

If you want to DOWNLOAD tune recordings, you can find them HERE.

Angeline the Baker

Another Fall by David Kaynor The B Part ALMOST as written 

Astley’s Ride and more slowly

Bluegrass Stomp

Breton Schottische in D Major (w/low harmony) With high harmony

Bodavalsen (Harmonized Low) / Bodavalsen (4-Voice) (no recording yet)


Coleman’s March / Coleman’s March with variations and low harmony 

Come Dance and Sing

Dancing Bear  and more slowly 

Dm Polska from Mora (no recording yet)

Duck Duck Go By Rachel Bell

Fiddler’s Dream


Flickorna Svensson

Giggling Girl  David and Annika play harmony for Giggling Girl Simple harmony on the G string for Giggling Girl

Going Down to Cairo

Grasshopper Sitting on a Sweet Potato Vine 

Green Cockade

Hen’s Feet and Carrots

Highland Laddie David and Annika playing Highland Laddie together

Ida Red

L’Aire Mignonne (Harmonized Lower and Higher)

L’Oiseau Bleu

Mairi’s Wedding

Noite de Veran

Old Joe Clark David and Annika playing Old Joe Clark together

The Orphan 

Pressley Manor (Harmonized Low and Lower) – a David Kaynor tune (no recording yet)

Quail Is a Pretty Bird

The Raw Recruit

Reel St. Antoine

Roxburgh Castle

Scattery Island



Speed the Plow  /  Speed the Plow with harmony

Spider Web Canyon

The Squirrel Hunters

Swallowtail Jig

Walk Old Shoe Heel Come A-Draggin

White Cockerel